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ACCESS Newsletter | March 2019

The ACCESS Program by the 2018 Numbers

  • ACCESS has served 18 family units of 23 adults and 13 children, all Ashland County residents.

  • We received 90 requests for assistance with homelessness. Forty-two of those requests came in when ACCESS was full; we could not be of help to them. Sixty-nine of those who called met the minimum requirements to be in ACCESS and we completed 39 pre-intake screenings and 31 background checks. Thirteen people who passed the background checks changed their minds or no longer needed ACCESS.

  • The average stay for a guest in ACCESS was 57 days.

  • In 2018, we saw an increase of women and children calling us for help.

  • Printed comments and a summary of exit interviews of ACCESS guests who left the

  • program in 2018 are available from the ACCESS Office.

The Work of ACCESS Happens Because of Many Volunteers

On a weekly, rotating basis, a host of volunteers from nine Partner Churches provide food, transportation, and moral support for ACCESS guests. Use of four apartments in which the ACCESS stay is provided by Fred and Lori Gottfried, who also see to building maintenance. In 2018, we began a volunteer mentoring program to support previous ACCESS guests who successfully completed the program.

It Doesn’t Happen Without Money

In 2018, income exceeded budget by $17,670, thanks in large part to a generous contribution from the Ashland Faith Fund. Expenses exceeded budget by $2,041. However, our immediate needs are growing as ACCESS assumes greater responsibility for the property that houses our guests, as well as increasing costs for our day-to-day operation. To continue our work, ACCESS needs increased funding from churches, businesses, individuals, and increased support of 2019 fundraiser

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