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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Access?

Access is a program that provides temporary shelter and is designed to empower women and families in Ashland County to empower, advocate, and educate.  Guests gain financial skills, life skills and tools for a successful future, and sharing the love of Christ in the process. 

Q: Why are people Homeless? 

Homelessness is not caused by just one thing and doesn’t just have one answer. Homelessness can be caused by Domestic Violence, Chronic Homelessness in family’s lacking life skills, financial management, etc. A loss of employment due to an illness, such as cancer, loss of stable housing due to rent increase. Substance abuse, can be a cause as well. So as you can see there are many factors that may cause a person to be homeless. 


Q: How long do people stay in Access?

Access guests stay in our temporary shelter no longer than 90 days while working on the program.


Q: Does Access take donations?

Yes, Access takes not only monetary donations but donations of twin and queen bedding, pillows, flat screen televisions, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, towels, baskets, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and so forth. Contacting us at 419-903-0099 would be the best way to know what we need if you would like to know more. All donations make a difference, and are greatly appreciated.


Q: How can I help? 

Access needs volunteers in many areas, whether it’s helping with sorting donations, mass mailing, typing up documents, helping set up and tare down fundraising events, painting, there are always things we could use extra hands with, that will help in the success of the program in Ashland County. If interested in helping call 419-903-0099.

We Need Your Support Today!

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